Now accepting applications!

Firefly the Virtual Season is currently under new management and looking to come back to life in the nearish future.

As part of our rejuvenation efforts, we are looking for some new crew members! We're particularly looking for writers, proof-readers, and coders, as well as possibly people to assist in the graphics department.

If you're interested in participating in this amazing project, please send me (sophiefic AT gmail DOT com) an email with the following information:

Name (whatever you like to be called):
LJ handle:
What you're interested in doing:
Links to at least three relevant projects (fic for writers, web pages for coders/graphics folk, and um...well, show my your mad grammar skillz if you want to be a proofer):
What level of involvement would interest you:
hey buds

2x09 He Ain't Heavy

Hi all
Episode 2x09 He Ain't Heavy is now online!
This is a great episode by Alianora and LiteraryLemming, we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Also we want to thank Sophie Richard who has expanded her role to become a new Series Producer, Sophie has been invaluable to Mich and myself as Dialogue Editor and her input as a writer and producer.And we'd like to welcome to the team our new webmaster! Kendall Jung is taking over the nuts and bolts and it could not be appreciated more.
hey buds

Schedule Changes

Sorry fans, we've lost the episode at the 11th hour and we need a week to get it back. Wea re going to push the whole schedule out by a week and I wll post the new schedule in the next 24 hours.
Also we are looking for a Webmaster and an Art coordinator - if you are interested in either of these please email - for details - previous applicants are encouraged to re-apply - we got distracted by getting the season out there but we need your help! 
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Haven - 2x08

Ladies and gentlefolk, it is my pleasure to announce the following:

[Haven - 2x08] has been posted!

This fantastic tale was written by Kari and Eustacia Vie. Hope you have a fabulous Wednesday! Sorry I didn't post this announcement sooner--the episode has been up several hours, ha. Whoops.

Anyway, please enjoy the episode, and when you're done please be sure to [visit the forum] to discuss the episode! :D
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