Sophie Richard (srichard) wrote in freedom_is_what,
Sophie Richard

Now accepting applications!

Firefly the Virtual Season is currently under new management and looking to come back to life in the nearish future.

As part of our rejuvenation efforts, we are looking for some new crew members! We're particularly looking for writers, proof-readers, and coders, as well as possibly people to assist in the graphics department.

If you're interested in participating in this amazing project, please send me (sophiefic AT gmail DOT com) an email with the following information:

Name (whatever you like to be called):
LJ handle:
What you're interested in doing:
Links to at least three relevant projects (fic for writers, web pages for coders/graphics folk, and um...well, show my your mad grammar skillz if you want to be a proofer):
What level of involvement would interest you:

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