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"Freedom, Is what."

Peace Amid the Storm

Serenity is not freedom from the storm, but peace
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Welcome to the Firefly ~ virtual season two livejournal community! We've had a few bumps a long the way, but hopefully are going to soon be back on track! (posting access is for staff members only, sorry!)

Firefly ~ virtual season two began airing episodes on Wednesday, January 4th 2006, and will continue doing so every two weeks (please see the schedule below). We will update this community with a link to the episode when it is posted, along with all sorts of other updates, promotional banners and more, so fear not! :) (Please check out our website at Firefly-tvs.com for even more stuff!)

We've got a really exciting pre-BDM season planned for you, incooporating all sorts of canon content into it to get us from the end of the TV series to the start of the movie. We hope you'll come on for the ride and stay!

The 2006-2007, virtual season two, schedule:

Ep# Air Date Title
2.01 04 Jan 06 Angel Echoes
2.02 18 Jan 06 Heart and Sole
2.03 01 Feb 06 Flying Blind
2.04 15 Feb 06 Homecoming
2.05 01 Mar 06 Mixed Nuts
2.06 15 Mar 06 The Price You Pay
2.07 12 Apr 06 The Road to Damascus
2.08 26 Apr 06 Haven
2.09 10 May 06 He Ain't Heavy
2.10 24 May 06 Companion
2.11 15 Mar 06 Shadow
2.12 07 Feb 07 Out of Focus
2.13 tba Verona
2.14 tba 3%
2.15 tba TBA
2.16 tba Power Couplings
2.17 09 Aug 06 The Good, The Bad & The Jayne
2.18 tba Naked Beach
2.19 tba To Be Announced
2.20 tba To Be Announced
2.21 tba Peace Amid the Storm

Please spread the word about this project by linking to this community either via text link or by using one of our buttons! We really appreciate it! And if you've got a virtual season for another series, please let us know -- we'd love to start up a link exchange. :)

- srichard & van

Firefly: virtual season two

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